Friday, December 3, 2021

Trump calls his supporters to pray


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President Donald Trump has called on his supporters to pray about the upcoming impeachment proceedings against him. Say a prayer! Trump wrote on Wednesday morning before the crucial House session on Twitter. At the same time, he expressed his unbelief that the “radical left” Democrats wanted to remove him from office. He wrote in capital letters: “And I didn’t do anything wrong”! The impeachment procedure was “a terrible thing” that no other president should experience.

The House of Representatives in Washington meets on Wednesday morning (9 a.m. local time) to debate the two charges against Trump related to the Ukraine affair. In the end, the opening of an impeachment procedure against the Republican president is to be voted.

Six hours are scheduled for the debate. Since the House of Representatives is dominated by the Democrats, a majority are considered certain to open the procedure. It will be interesting, however, whether there are dissenters in the ranks of the party – and how many. Trump had complained that leading Democrats put enormous pressure on party colleagues. Nancy Pelosi , the chairwoman of the House of Representatives, rejected this and said that each member of parliament had to decide for himself.

Trump accused the Democrats of “attempting to overthrow the party” in a six-page letter “for historiography”. Trump said Pelosi and her Democrats were abusing their powers and waging “an open war against American democracy”. The impeachment efforts against him are a “colossal injustice”.

Trump is the third president in American history to face such a vote. The actual process will only take place in the second chamber of Congress – the American Senate. He then takes on the role of a court. However, Trump’s Republicans have the majority in the Senate. It is unlikely that the president will be removed from office at the end.

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