Saturday, May 21, 2022

Trump cancels military strikes on Iran ten minutes before scheduled time over feared deaths


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

President Donald Trump confirmed on Friday that he has stopped a planned military strikes on Iran in the short term. Trump said on Twitter that he had canceled the military strike ten minutes before the scheduled time. Three targets have been locked in Iran, with 150 fatalities was expected. An answer to his question, how many people would die in retaliation, he canceled the operation.

Following the shooting down of an American reconnaissance drone in the Gulf region by Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Trump has approved attacks on targets in Iran this Friday.

In response to recent developments between Iran, the United States requested a special session of the UN Security Council. This is to take place on Monday behind closed doors, it said from diplomatic circles.

On Monday, Iran shot down an unmanned United States drone. Trump said she was above international waters. Iran had admitted to shooting down the American drone. The Iranian Foreign Minister tweeted on Thursday evening the exact coordinates of the shooting. Accordingly, the drone had violated the Iranian airspace.

Trump once again made it clear in his Twitter messages on Friday that the sanctions on Iran are bad. Last night, according to him, more were decided. “Iran can never have nuclear weapons, not America, not the world!”

At the same time, Trump emphasized the strength of the US military: “I am in no hurry, our military is rebuilt, new and ready, by far the best in the world. ”

It had recently become known that Tehran had been warned about the imminent military action via Oman. Trump said in his message that he did not want a war, but talks on various topics, said an Iranian government official of Reuters on Friday. Iranian spiritual leader Ali Khamenei, however, rejects any kind of talks with the United States, according to Reuters information.

According to The New York Times, the US attacks on Iran were scheduled for Friday just before dawn. There were already fighter planes in the air and ships in position, she said, citing government officials. The attacks approved by Trump had a handful of Iranian targets, such as radar and missile positions.

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The conflict in the Gulf of Oman threatens to escalate for weeks. More than a week ago in the Strait of Hormuz there were two attacks on oil tankers, for which America blames Tehran. Iran denies that.

The tensions between Saudi Arabia and its allies on the one hand and Iran on the other have also grown. The royal house in Riyadh, closely allied to the Trump administration, accuses the leadership in Tehran of interfering in the internal affairs of Arab states and of destabilizing the region.

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