Trump defends the strategy of fees against China

More than 600 US companies demand Trump to resolve trade dispute with China

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended the use of the tariff as part of his trade strategy, while China vowed a harsh response if the United States insisted on escalating tensions amid ongoing negotiations.

“The cartoons are a great negotiating tool,” Trump said on Twitter, a day after he said he was ready to impose a new round of punitive tariffs on China.

The US president said on Monday he was ready to impose more tariffs on Chinese imports if he could not make progress in trade talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping at the G20 summit later this month.

Trump reiterated his willingness to meet the Chinese president at the summit, which is being hosted in Osaka, Japan, at the end of June, but China has not confirmed the matter.

Foreign Ministry spokesman refrained from reiterating the Xi and Trump meeting during the G20 summit, saying the information would be disclosed as soon as it was available to the ministry.

“China does not want to wage a trade war, but we are not afraid to go into a trade war,” he said, adding that China’s door is open to talks based on equality.

“If the United States only wants to escalate trade disputes, we will certainly respond and fight for the end.”

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