Sunday, November 28, 2021

Trump faces criticism ahead of his upcoming Texas and Ohio visits


Sajid Aziz
Sajid Aziz, an Investigative Journalist is perhaps among very rare journalists who have performed in every form of journalism i.e. Newspaper, Radio, TV, Wire Service, Online, Web-Service, Magazines, etc.He also worked as Sports Editor in wire agency PPI. He has obtained many certificates in journalism from foreign organizations including Reuters Thomson, Commonwealth Journalists' Organization, US Consulate, etc. He is also the president of Media For Diversity, an organization of professional journalists. He can be reached at [email protected]

US President Donald Trump’s upcoming visits to the states of Texas and Ohio, where mass killings occurred a few days ago, drew criticism from local politicians in both states that his visit was not welcome.

The criticism came as Trump’s remarks and policies were described as fueling hatred and racism, although he openly criticized racism and hatred after the mass shootings in the cities of El Paso and Dayton in the U.S. states that killed more than 30 innocent people.

Veronica Escobar, a member of the Democratic Congress for the city of “El Paso”,  said she will not attend the meeting of President Trump during his visits and also invited him to understand that his words have consequences “, Escobar added:” I refuse to participate in his meeting without dialogue on the pain and words caused by his “racist” remarks on people of the city and the country in general. ”

The El Paso incident was considered a “hate crime” and while most of the city’s residents are of Latin American origins, the perpetrator attributed a message before he carried out the attack saying that he would respond to the Latin “invasion” of Texas. Observers say the word “invasion” was repeated in Trump’s comments and tweets to describe immigrants across the southern border between his country and Mexico.

Earlier, the US Senator Mitch McConnell called on Congress to combat gun violence that has seen dozens of people killed and injured in Texas, Ohio and California over the past few days.

“There is no place for hatred in our country,” McConnell said, pledging to reporters in New Jersey to deal with the gun violence, adding that he had spoken to the Attorney General, FBI Director and some members of Congress and would issue a statement Monday morning in this regard.

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