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Trump: I look forward meeting the North Korean leader again soon


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

US President Donald Trump, after meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on the inter-Korean border yesterday, said he was looking forward to seeing him again soon.

“It was great to be with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un this weekend,” Trump said through his official Twitter account, “We had a great meeting and Kim looked good and in good health.” “I look forward to seeing him again soon.”

According to South Korean news agency Yonhap, Trump’s comment on Kim’s health appeared to be in response to Kim’s health crisis raised by a US media reporter who was on the Panmunjom meeting site.

“Kim was breathing as a patient with emphysema,” Fox News TV anchor Tucker Carlson said in an interview with Fox and Friends, adding that Kim appeared to be not in good health.

“Our teams will meet to work to solve long-term and persistent problems,” President Trump said. “We are not in a hurry, but I am sure we will eventually get there!”

Trump’s remarks, according to Yonhap, appear to have underscored the significance of the Panmunjom meeting, which led to a breakthrough in the stalled nuclear negotiations since the collapse of the Hanoi summit and renewed its determination to pursue a bottom-up approach. the work.

“We agreed to appoint representatives of the two sides for comprehensive negotiations and agreements, and we will start the working talks after the formation of the working group within two to three weeks under Pompeo’s leadership,” Trump said after the Panmunjom meeting. “There is no need to rush, we will look to the right negotiations rather than speed,” he said.

Earlier, the US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un reach out across the inter-Korean border. Then Trump is the first American president ever to enter North Korea. He takes a few steps, much further, when South Korean President Moon Jae-in did it at his first meeting with Kim. Finally, North Korean Trump follows the South Korean side, where both, surrounded by journalists, make statements.

The meeting shows Trump’s willingness to leave behind the conflicts of the past and open a new chapter, says Kim. Trump speaks of a “special friendship”. He announces that he wants to invite the North Koreans to the White House. Finally, he leads Kim to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who also traveled to the demilitarized zone. Trump says that when he became president, there were major conflicts in the region. “Now it’s the opposite.”

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