Saturday, May 21, 2022

Trump: If it wasn’t for me, Hong Kong would be destroyed in 14 minutes


Hailey Warner
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US President Donald Trump has announced that he is saving Hong Kong from destruction by persuading Chinese President Xi Jinping not to send troops to counter the pro-democracy movement.

“If it wasn’t for me, Hong Kong would be destroyed in 14 minutes,” Trump said in an early morning interview with Fox News.

He made the statement, while considering a bill passed by Congress in favor of pro-democracy activists or subject to non-Beijing threat, if the law was passed.

Asked whether he would use the veto power to repeal the law that Congress strongly supported on Wednesday, Trump tried to avoid it.

“We need to be with Hong Kong, but I’m with President Xi. He’s my friend and a great guy.

“I want them to solve it. We need to see them solve it”, he said.

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