Friday, December 3, 2021

Trump invites Johnson to visit White House in the new year


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The US President Donald Trump has invited British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to visit him at the White House in the new year, British media reported on Sunday.

The Sunday Times said that Trump invited Johnson after the prime minister won the last elections. The newspaper, quoting sources at the British Prime Minister’s headquarters in Downing Street, said that the official discussions on the exact date of Johnson’s visit have not yet taken place.

“Some possible dates point to mid-January, but an official date has not yet been agreed. It is clear that both parties wish to hold the meeting early in the new year”, the report quoted a source close to the White House as saying.

The Mail on Sunday newspaper reported that Johnson is reluctant to make that visit before completing his country’s exit from the European Union on January 31, preferably after a cabinet reshuffle in February, where Michael Goff is expected to appoint the minister responsible for exit preparations from the European Union to become its trade negotiator the new.

The report indicated that this arrangement would allow him to take decision on the visit before talks about reaching a trade agreement with the United States after leaving the bloc.

As Britain prepared to secede from the European Union, Johnson and Trump agreed in a telephone conversation on Monday to seek an “ambitious” free trade agreement between the two countries.

After Johnson’s landslide victory in the recent elections, Trump said that his country and Britain are now free to conclude a new “huge” trade agreement after Britain emerged from the bloc.

“This agreement can be much greater and more profitable than any agreement that can be concluded with the European Union,” Trump said in a tweet on Twitter this month.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment on reports of Johnson’s invitation to visit.

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