Thursday, July 7, 2022

Trump is sowing new discord with his peace plan


Robert Frank
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Middle East Peace Plan: The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has long ceased to be the central, overlaid “Middle East conflict”. Nevertheless, fires other trouble spots; It serves as a lever for radical states like the Islamic Republic of Iran to expand their destructive influence in the Arab world.

Settling the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians would certainly not help to pacify the region as a whole, but it would calm it down. The United States could be the only external player to do this. So far, however, no president in the White House has succeeded in making this big move.

Even what Donald Trump has eloquently presented as his “peace plan” and the “plan of the century” is more suitable for sowing new discord. Trump has never claimed to be an impartial broker. In the plan, for which his son-in-law Jared Kushner was largely responsible, he neither included Arab neighbors of Israel, such as Jordan and Egypt, who were friends, nor did he consult the Europeans.

The Palestinians concerned played no role in the preparations. Rather, Trump fulfills the wishes of the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu , whom he is helping in the election campaign, for example by legalizing the Israeli settlements – and thus annexing half of the West Bank.

What looks like the real political recognition of accomplished facts is not compatible with international law. Above all, the Trump plan kills the 1993 Oslo Peace Agreement. Trump grants the Palestinians a state, but in a much reduced size and with very limited sovereignty. A viable two-state solution looks different.

The fire of the conflict could flare up again. For example, the Palestinian Authority wants to end its cooperation with Israel, including on security issues; and pressure will increase in Jordan and Egypt to terminate the peace treaties with Israel.

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