Thursday, May 26, 2022

Trump is sure of his victory


Robert Frank
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Donald Trump is now a done deal. The Senate will soon be negotiating the two charges of abuse of office and interference with the work of the Congress. Although chaired by the Supreme Judge, but according to rules that are likely to be largely determined by the Republicans. They have the majority in what used to be called the “noble chamber”. But nothing has been “classy” in Washington for a long time.

The question of which outcome the procedure is likely to take is easy to answer. If you take the loyalty that the Republicans have shown to “their” president so far, the yardstick: Trump is acquitted. Just as Bill Clinton was acquitted of twenty years old, against whom impeachment proceedings had also been initiated – by the Republicans, who are so outraged today about the injustice allegedly done to Trump. But their opportunism now knows no borders, not even shame. The necessary majority of two thirds of the senators needed to remove an incumbent president from office will not come about.

“America is certainly not the “city on the hill” that models and leads the world”

The anger with which Trump reacts to the situation and which he reacts to his political opponents, the Democrats, reveals that he still regards the procedure as a shame, if not an insult to majesty. After all, it is only the third trial in US history to be decided against a president.

This is not a sheet of glory that will grace this president’s life’s work. Rather, it shows where the way of governing and the self-rule of this self-serving president have led. Historians will judge whether it marks a state crisis.

Somehow it leads from Trump’s speech to taking office in January 2017 – that of his predecessor George W. Bush led to the saying “What weird shit was that?” – to the decision of the House of Representatives on Wednesday evening. America is certainly not the “city on the hill” that models and leads the world. It is caught in a process of political self-destruction.

“Many believe defense line of Trump is plausible”

The infamous end is what? Maybe Trump’s re-election; in any case, that is very possible. That’s why Trump’s anger is also a means of mass mobilization. Not only does his party, which has submitted to him, stand by him, his followers also cling to him. They get intoxicated with the degenerate argument.

The Ukraine scandal has not really prompted many voters to rethink their verdict on the crackling man in the White House. On the contrary, many believe Trump’s line of defense is plausible, the Democrats simply could not have coped with the 2016 election defeat and tried by all means to push him out of office.

If Trump was actually re-elected, basking in the glory of an acquittal, then the Democrats would have made a colossal mistake, which should still cost the country dearly. The balance between constitutional loyalty and four more years of Trump would then only be purely academic.

The party leadership was aware of the politically deadly danger and has been pushed from the left wing into a historic, risky process that has reasons to be led, but the result could be political perversion: the narcissistic president is above everyone.

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