Friday, October 7, 2022

Trump mocks Mitt Romney for taking part in the White House protests


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US President Donald Trump mocked Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who took part in white demonstrations denouncing racism in the United States of America after the killing of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.

Trump shared his followers on Twitter, with a video that appears through the Republican Senator, who is among the demonstrators heading to the White House in Washington, and wrote sarcastically, “Enormous devotion, what a man, it is difficult to believe this with that political talent he has, because His numbers in Utah will drop very dramatically.

Mitt Romney became the first Republican senator to be known for participating in one of the marches in Washington DC against racism following the killing of George Floyd by the police in Minneapolis nearly two weeks ago.

The Utah senator and former presidential candidate walked with hundreds of evangelists in a rally on Sunday that eventually turned into more than a thousand demonstrators. Romney was wearing a muzzle and was not clearly visible among the demonstrators.

Mitt Romney at the demonstrations

Romney said in an interview that he wanted to find a way to end violence and brutality and make sure people understood that the black movement was important. Democratic Senator Kamala Harris and her colleague Elizabeth Warren appeared among the crowds of angry demonstrators, but they were largely peaceful in the region, and civil rights icon Rep. John Lawless toured the recently renamed area as “Blacks Life Mission Plaza” Sunday morning with Washington Mayor Morell Poser.

Republican Representative Will Howard took part in the demonstrations in his state of Texas last week, but Romney is the first Republican senator to join a demonstration.

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