Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Trump moves his residence to Florida: “Goodbye New York”


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Donald Trump, Melania and the young Barron abandons the Big Apple. The president announced that he will move his residence to Florida by electing the Mar a Lago resort as his ‘first home’.

“Goodbye New York”. Thus, in a tweet, US President Donald Trump announced that he had moved his legal residence from New York, the city where he was born and where he built his success, to Florida, particularly in Palm Beach, the estate of Mar-a-Lago that he loved so much that it was nicknamed the “White House in winter”.

Mar a Lago
Mar a Lago

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House, is the place I love and where I hope to stay for another five years … but my family and I will do Palm Beach, Florida, our permanent residence,” the tycoon explained, stating: “I always loved and love New York and the people of New York but unfortunately, despite paying millions of dollars each year in city, state and local taxes, I have been treated very badly by political leaders in both the city and the state. Few have been treated worse. “Trump then took care to assure that he will always help New York and that the city”will always have a special place in my heart”.

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“Taxes in Manhattan are enormous,” states the US president, to discredit Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio and state governor Andrew Cuomo, but he does not say that he actually raised property taxes, limiting deductions to just 10 thousand Dollars a year, when for example, a three-room apartment in New York costs over 50 thousand and without condominium expenses.

“Finally we got rid of it,” Governor Cuomo replies to Trump. It is not clear whether the daughter Ivanka and Jared Kushner, who moved to Washington to serve as White House advisers, will do the same thing.

Thousands of wealthy New Yorkers are already close to the tycoon who, meanwhile, have moved their residence to Florida. Not just for tax reasons, given that there are no property taxes, but above all for political reasons: their conservative orientation vote in New York would have been irrelevant given the vast majority of residents who prefer the Democrats instead.

Instead, those votes can continue to make a difference as it happened in 2016. The luxurious three-storey villa that Trump owns on Fifth Avenue in the Trump Tower, where part of its private offices are also located, will not come leased. The president assures that he will also keep his Manhattan home, even if the law, after choosing Florida, states that he will not be able to stay there more than 184 days a year. Once the limit is exceeded, it would become the primary residence and at that point he would be forced to pay the higher taxes of the Big Apple.

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