Trump proposes China to manufacture products in US to avoid tariffs

US President Donald Trump has proposed that China manufacture its products in the United States as a way to avoid tariffs on US imports of Chinese goods.

“An easy way to avoid tariffs?” Trump Twitted on Saturday. “Make or produce goods and products in the United States. It’s very simple.“He said.

The US president ordered yesterday to increase tariffs on China’s imports of $ 200 billion from 10 percent of the value of products to 25 percent to press Beijing, which Washington accuses of backing down its previous commitments to change its laws to comply with Trump’s demands on trade relations. The latest round of trade negotiations between US and Chinese officials without reaching an agreement.

China, in turn, vowed to take countermeasures to increase US tariffs, prompting observers to fear a full-scale trade war between the two countries.

While the two governments stressed that the negotiations will continue, Trump, at the same time, praised the progress of the talks in the last two days, adding that Washington may retract the imposition of such fees based on what will take place in the next talks.

For months, the United States has been negotiating with the Chinese government to seek a trade agreement that would guarantee the United States to reduce its trade balance deficit with China and force the latter to make arrangements to protect US products in a bid to avoid a tariff war..

Trump has adopted an industrial policy that encourages companies to manufacture their products in the United States to create more jobs and push economic indicators for the United States, showing less interest than previous environmental considerations.

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