Thursday, July 7, 2022

Trump signs federal spending project to avoid government shutdown


Robert Frank
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US President Donald Trump has signed a tentative consensus agreement on federal spending that will run until Dec. 20, with the aim of avoiding paralysis of US institutions or   the government closures.

The Washington Post said that Trump signed the federal spending project after the provisional approval in the Senate by 74 votes to 20, and the draft has also been approved in the House of Representatives by 231 votes to 192.

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After months of negotiations, the Democratic opposition and Republicans have failed to agree on a long-term budget, mainly due to disagreements over the financing of the wall on the border with Mexico, a big promise Trump made during his campaign against illegal immigration.

“Federal spending draft has been approved in the House of Representatives by 231 votes to 192”

With the Democrats probe to split Trump from office, the lawmakers are concerned about their ability to reach a long-term budget deal by Dec. 20.

Without Trump’s signing of the temporary project, government funding would have been cut overnight, forcing multiple agencies to begin halting operations, stopping federal workers, returning them to their homes and temporarily suspending their salaries.

Report said the Trump spending bill was the second bill that Congress had to pass to keep working in the government for fiscal 2020, which began on Oct. 1.

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