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Trump slams another witness on Twitter to isolate him


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US President Donald Trump on Sunday slammed another witness in the US House of Representatives inquiry over his impeachment, saying that the witness, acting as an aide to Vice President Mike Pence, was “never a Trump supporter”.

President wrote contemptuous remarks to Jennifer Williams, a foreign policy aide to Pence, who testified earlier this month that some of what Trump said during a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart last summer was “not appropriate”. Her testimony was published on Saturday, and Trump said, “Tell Jennifer Williams, whatever it is, read the two copies of the presidential communications”.

“After that you have to meet with other people who were never Trump supporters, whom I don’t know and I probably never even heard of them, to prepare a better attack on the presidency”. The House-led Democrat inquiry is centered on Trump’s July 25 call to determine whether Trump has abused US foreign policy to undermine former Vice President Joe Biden and one of his potential rivals in the 2020 election.

Trump said his contact with Zelensky was “exemplary”, Republican lawmakers criticized the accountability as unfair

Williams followed up the phone call and said in her testimony that Trump’s insistence that Ukraine conduct politically sensitive investigations “surprised me as unusual and inappropriate”.

She said the conversation between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was “of a political nature” rather than phone calls with other foreign leaders and included what she saw as specific references to Trump’s “personal political agenda”.

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He denied any wrongdoing and criticized some other current and former US officials who testified before the House committees in the investigation, calling the investigation an attempt to discredit him in order to undermine his chances of reelection.

The president said his contact with Zelensky was “exemplary” while Republican lawmakers criticized the accountability process as unfair.

Two days ago, Trump attacked another witness, former US ambassador to Ukraine, Mary Jovanovich, while testifying during a public hearing on Trump’s accountability.

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