Friday, December 3, 2021

Trump slams Christian magazine that calls for his dismissal


Hailey Warner
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US President Donald Trump attacked a well-known evangelical Christian newspaper for calling in an editorial to remove him from office, calling it “an extreme leftist” and he will not read it again.

Trump tweeted, Saturday, “It is a left-wing extremist magazine, or very progressive, as some would like to describe it, and its performance has always been poor and has not been working with the family of Billy Graham (the famous American pastor who founded the magazine) for several years.” He pointed out to Christianity today, knows something about his case and has a non-believable leftist Radical structure.

“No president has done as much for evangelical society as I did” – Donald Trump

He added: “No president has done as much for evangelical society as he did, not even some. You will not get anything from these democrats in the scene. I will never read ET again!”

The famous Christian magazine, in its weekly editorial, referred to Trump’s bad moral record, and raised doubts about the continued durability of his support among conservative evangelicals who proved to be a critical element in his political base.

The editorial said to the readers: “Remember who you are and who you serve. Think about how your justification for Trump may affect your testimony for your Lord and Savior. Think about what an unbelieving scientist will say if you continue to ignore Trump’s immoral words and behavior for the sake of political expediency”.

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