Thursday, August 11, 2022

Trump threatens to extend the budget lock – for months or even years


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

The “Shutdown” in the United States goes into the third week. Democrats and Republicans summit meeting with President Donald Trump failed to make a breakthrough on Friday, putting an end to the budget dispute. Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer said after the White House conversation that Trump had threatened a “shutdown” of unprecedented length. “He said he would keep the government shut for a very long time – months or even years.” The US president confirmed that afterwards. He does not expect it to happen that way, but he’s “prepared,” he said. “I hope it will not even last more than a few days. It could even go very fast. “

Trump insists that a new budget law must include funds for the border wall he demands from Mexico. Overall, these should be at five billion dollars. The Democrats reject this categorically. Schumer said he and the new Democratic House chair Nancy Pelosi had appealed to Trump not to take “millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of workers” hostage. Trump spoke against a “productive meeting”. One had come far.

Friday was the 14th day of the “shutdown”. Hundreds of thousands of government employees are on forced leave or have to work for the time being without salary. Pelosi described the conversation with Trump as an “elongated and sometimes controversial discussion”. It was agreed, however, that they continue the talks.

Pelosi said that the dispute over Trump’s request for a border wall could not be resolved until the partial government shutdown was over. However, progress had been made at the meeting to give a better understanding of the other position and to exclude some possibilities. Details she did not name. For two weeks, a large part of the federal authorities no more money flows. Museums and offices remain closed, as well as campgrounds in national parks and courts – a total of about 800,000 state employees are affected. The current shutdown is one of the longest in American history.

Negotiations are set to continue at the weekend, albeit in a different composition: Vice-President Mike Pence, Trump’s adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner and Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen should then negotiate for the White House. Congressmen could bring in as many negotiators as they wanted, Trump said.

Bad words in Congress

Before the peak meeting it had come in Congress to a scandal. Shortly after her arrival, newly-elected Democrat Rep Rashida Tlaib boldly announced the impeachment of President Donald Trump. She would make sure that the “son of a B**ch” had to leave the White House prematurely, said Tlaib at a ceremony on the occasion of her swearing-in on Thursday evening. Trump responded on Friday with a Twitter message in which he praised himself.

Before cheering supporters Tlaib told of a conversation with her son. After arriving in the congress, he said: “Mama, you see, you won, tyrants do not win.” She responded, “Honey, they will not win because we’re going to go in there and get the son of a bitch out of his job.” Trump reacted calmly. “They just want to sell me because they know they cannot win in 2020, too much success,” he wrote on Twitter. By the end of 2020, the next presidential election will take place in the United States.

Already in a post for the “Detroit Free Press” published on Thursday, Tlaib demanded the impeachment of the president. This was a “direct and serious danger to our country”. For a procedure there would be “overwhelming evidence”. Now the time has come to take action. During the election campaign, she had made the impeachment the center of her campaign.

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