Saturday, July 31, 2021

Trump wants China to investigate Biden


Sajid Aziz
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Donald Trump is in the grip of impending impeachment as he openly encouraged China to investigate against his political rival Joe Biden and his son. Trump told reporters in the White House garden on Thursday: “I would that certainly recommend China should also begin an investigation of the Biden”.

According to Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Trump has again called on a foreign government to interfere in the election campaign. His proposal to China shows that “Trump is putting his personal political advantage over defending the integrity of our elections, a clear impeachment”, said Pelosi on Twitter on Thursday.

The Democrats accuse the President of pressuring Zelensky in a telephone conversation at the end of July to investigate the case Joe Biden. The Democrats in the House of Representatives have therefore begun investigations into possible impeachment proceedings against Trump. Trump rejects the allegations.


Trump accused Biden of trying to protect his son Hunter from justice. Hunter Biden was working for a Ukrainian gas company, which has since been investigated for allegedly crooked business.

The United States President also claims that Hunter Biden set up a fund business when he accompanied his father on an official trip to China in late 2013. Trump has not provided any evidence for any of his allegations. Biden rejects the allegations.

Meanwhile, the US government has agreed to sell 150 modern Javelin anti-tank weapons to Ukraine. The package for $39.2 million includes ten control and launch units, training materials and services, the Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

The sale is in the national interest of the United States and will help Ukraine to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, foreign ministry said.

Ukraine, which is in conflict with Russia, wants to acquire the Javelin missiles for a long time. Zelensky had asked in late July in a conversation with Trump.

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