Thursday, July 7, 2022

Trump’s billion dollars theory raise question after the border wall breach


Sajid Aziz
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Smuggler bands were said to have saw several times on steel pillars of the border wall, making their way to the United States, their act resembles the Rats of making hole through hard places. Smugglers succeeded to cut large space in the newly constructed part of the border facility, enough to carry people and drug trafficking across the border.

According to the reports, the smugglers were equipped with commercial, battery-powered saws and special blades through one of the pillars. The affected sections in the border fence consist of vertical steel bollards, which are cast in concrete and fixed at the top by a crossbeam. The smugglers were able to saw through the struts on the ground and bend to the side.

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Trump administration has not commented on the incident reported by the Washington Post. Some cut-through wall parts were not yet equipped with electronic sensors that can detect vibrations from saws on the pillars.

In September, the US Department of Defense had released 3.6 billion dollars for the construction of the wall. The Washington Post estimates that the border wall has cost US taxpayers about $10 trillion so far, now the question raises on wall breach.

The construction of the wall was a central theme in Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Trump justified the wall building with the “fight against illegal immigration and drug smuggling”.

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