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Ukraine Affair Report: “Overwhelming and undisputed evidence” against Trump


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Committee chair Adam Schiff wrote on Twitter that the investigation (Ukraine affair Report) had revealed “overwhelming and undisputed evidence” that Trump had abused his post to solicit foreign interference in the US 2020 election to his advantage.

President Donald Trump has seriously abused the power of his office in dealing with Ukraine. The report said Trump’s significant misconduct jeopardized United States national security and the integrity of the presidential election in 2020, MPs said in an Ukraine affair Report released Tuesday. The report marked an important step in the Democrats’ preparations for a potential impeachment trial of Trump.

“The president has put his personal political interests above the national interests of the United States, has sought to undermine the integrity of the US presidential election and has endangered national security,” the report said. The investigation had clearly shown that Trump’s misconduct had system and purpose and that it was not isolated cases or the naivety of an inexperienced president.

The Democrats also criticized in the approximately 300-page Ukraine affair Report, Trump is the first president in the history of America, who has tried to block investigations of the House of Representatives on a possible impeachment process completely.

In addition, Trump had intimidated witnesses, which he may have violated laws. Intimidation of witnesses to the congress was up to 20 years in prison, the report said. “He has made threats [against witnesses], has openly talked about retaliation, has hinted at their character and their patriotism and has subjected them to ridicule and mockery – although they deserve the opposite,” the report said.

Now, in the House of Representatives, the Judiciary Committee will look into preparing for possible impeachment based on the report. There is a first detailed hearing scheduled for this Wednesday.

The White House immediately rejected the conclusions of the report. Democrats have completely failed in their efforts to “find any evidence of President Trump’s misconduct”, said Trump spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham. The report read like the garb of a blogger who really wants to prove something where there is nothing to prove, Grisham said.

The Democrats accused Trump of putting pressure on his Ukrainian colleague Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate his political rival Joe Biden. According to allegations Trump is said to have made a visit to Zelensky and the release of important military aid for Kiev dependent. It was about $400 million already approved by the Congress, which is a bag full amount for Ukraine. Trump rejects all allegations.

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The Republicans – who are a minority in the House of Representatives – had already presented their report on Monday. There are no reasons that justified the impeachment of the president, according to the Republican report. Rather, the Democrats sought to make up for their electoral defeat of 2016 with their investigations, wrote the Republicans.

If the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives later voted for Trump’s impeachment, it would come to a trial in the Republican-controlled Senate. A conviction there is considered unlikely given the majority.

Trump had encouraged Zelensky to investigate the son of his rival Joe Biden. Joe Biden has a good chance at the presidential candidacy of the Democrats in the 2020 election, in which Trump wants to compete for the Republicans again. Trump accuses Biden of attempting to protect his son from the Ukrainian justice in his previous role as US Vice President. Hunter Biden was temporarily employed by the gas company Burisma in Ukraine. Trump wanted to investigate in Ukraine.

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