Monday, October 25, 2021

United States plans to reopen consulate in Greenland


Zubair Yaqoob
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In the wake of recent irritations over the intentions of the United States government to buy Greenland, the US President Donald Trump is planning apparently to open a consulate there again. This was stated by the Foreign Ministry in a letter to Congress, as the Guardian reports, The letter says that a reopening of the diplomatic mission in Greenland’s capital Nuuk is part of a plan to expand its American presence in the Arctic. A copy of the letter was available to the Associated Press.

The letter to the Senate International Relations Committee also states that the United States has “a strategic interest in strengthening its political, economic and commercial relations in the Arctic region”. A permanent diplomatic mission on the North Atlantic island allows Washington to protect essential interests in Greenland and deepen relations with Greenland officials and society there.

Greenland has had an American consulate in the past. This was opened in 1940 after the occupation of Denmark by the National Socialist regime and closed again thirteen years later. An official at the US Embassy in Denmark is currently working on relations with Greenland, according to the State Department. From autumn or a little later, more employees will be added to Greenland. By 2020, the staff should grow to seven people.

It is believed that large amounts of mineral resources, including oil, gas, gold, diamonds, uranium, zinc, and lead are found in Greenland

Trump had caused a stir last week with a bid to buy Greenland. The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen However, this project was a clear rejection and described Trump’s plans as absurd. This prompted the United States president to call Frederiksen’s wording “common.” Trump had canceled a visit to Denmark planned for the beginning of September. In one However, the heads of state have spoken out on Friday on a telephone conversation, “We have a very good relationship with Denmark,” Trump said after the phone call with Frederiksen, whom he described as a “wonderful woman”.

Greenland has been part of Denmark since the 18th century, but has autonomy status. From a geostrategic point of view, Greenland is of interest, as the island is a potential focal point for a ship route through the Arctic. In addition, under the ice that covers much of the island, it is believed that large amounts of mineral resources, including oil, gas, gold, and diamonds, as well as uranium, zinc, and lead are found.

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