Saturday, December 4, 2021

US Army to equip units with small drones in some areas with difficult terrain


Zubair Yaqoob
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The US Army will shortly equip some units with small drones, the first battalion of the 82nd Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Regiment will start using the aircraft next month, the Army is exploring how to best use it.

The company has tested the Black Hornet surveillance system with a variety of modules, according to the Verge, the US Army began piloting the drone in 2016 and 2017, and FLIR Systems signed three major contracts with US, British and French forces.

At the end of April, the 83rd Air Combat Brigade began training with unmanned aerial vehicles, where a variety of scenarios were used in which the devices could be used.

According to Army Technology, UAVs were designed to assist separate soldiers deployed on the battlefield, they are basically allowed to detect nearby terrain and look for enemy soldiers who may not be able to see them in another way. The company recently launched a larger version for use in vehicles, such as tanks.

As for the small UAV specifications, it is more than six inches long and weighs 33 grams, making it easier for soldiers to carry them while in the field.

Each UAV carries a pair of cameras and thermal cameras, and can send live video and still images to its operators, and can also fly alone, with a range of two kilometers, in addition to the ability to fly for a little less than half an hour.

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