Sunday, May 9, 2021

US-based Chinese opponents support Trump’s allegation of fraudulent election

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Robert Frank
Robert Frank
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Some Chinese opposition activists in the field of human rights residing in the United States, who support Donald Trump’s hard-line stance towards Beijing, have expressed their support for his allegations regarding the fraud of the presidential elections that his rival Joe Biden won.

A legal activist named Chen Guangcheng tweeted, “Trump won the elections,” while religious leader Bob Fu expressed his support for the allegations of attorney Sidney Powell, who said that “the communist money coming from Cuba and China was a reason for rigging the elections.”

Chinese dissident Wang Dan, the leader of the student demonstrations in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989, said that he wanted to delay the recognition of Joe Biden’s victory as elected president, and criticized what he described as “biased reports” by the American media.

The secret to supporting Trump


Many of the dissidents who fled China after being detained for political activities supported Trump’s hard-line approach to Beijing and were willing to overlook Trump’s domestic policies, which critics say have undermined media freedoms and democratic institutions.

Roy Chung, a researcher at the US-China Kinsger Institute of the Wilson Center in Washington, said: “These Chinese opponents do not judge Trump based on his foreign policies, but rather see him as a way to fulfill their hopes in China.

Biden is more flexible

Chinese opponents argue that the victory of President-elect Joe Biden would serve the Chinese Communist Party, by replacing Trump and his hard-line policies towards Beijing with the Democratic Party’s more flexible policy.

Biden had indicated during his election campaign that he would increase pressure on China on human rights issues, and on the other hand, he would seek cooperation with Beijing on global challenges such as climate change, but he did not make any promises about canceling the tariffs imposed by the Trump administration.

Less than a quarter of Chinese Americans voted for Trump in the 2016 elections, according to a study conducted by the Asian-American Education and Legal Defense Fund.

Some US-based opponents said they were angry that television networks cut short the post-election press conference Trump held when he claimed victory and spoke about allegations of fraud.

The media has no right to decide what people can or cannot hear,” said Wang, who is the current director of the China Dialogue Foundation, a Washington-based think-tank that aims to mobilize overseas Chinese toward promoting democracy. Judicial rulings on elections.

Opponent Chen, a legal activist who caused his escape from house arrest in China to the United States in 2012, made him famous. His followers on his Twitter account number more than 111,000, and he delivered a speech at the Republican Party conference last August, as he shared publications via Social media alleges widespread electoral fraud, as has articles from media outlets linked to the persecuted Chinese spiritual movement Falun Gong, which tends to strongly support Trump.

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