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US bill against Huawei


Zubair Yaqoob
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United States Justice Department charges against Huawei collected, the largest manufacturer of telecom hardware in the world, and several of his daughters. In total, there are 13 charges and almost two dozen allegations. The focus is on the activities of Huawei subsidiary Skycom in Iran. In this context, the United States also formally demands the extradition of the head of finance of the Chinese concern, Meng Wanzhou, detained in Canada.


In addition to undermining sanctions against Iran, the group is also charged with hundreds of millions of dollars in money laundering, fraud and other offenses. Among other things, Huawei is said to have seized trade secrets of T-Mobile illegally. It was about a test robot for mobile phones.


Such behavior may also jeopardize the security needs of the United States, said Minister of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen . In Iran Huawei is said to have de facto maintained a subsidiary with Skycom, although the Group denied this and almost simulated a sale of the company.


The indictment is expected to continue to weigh heavily on already strained relations between the United States and China. Meng was arrested in early December at the instigation of American justice in Canada. Washington demands the extradition of the daughter of company founder Ren Zhengfei. Beijing has strongly opposed the actions of Canada and the United States.


Acting US Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said Monday that the extradition request would be filed before Wednesday’s deadline. A court hearing in Canada is scheduled for 6th February. America’s justice accuses Huawei, Meng and two Group subsidiaries of doing business with and covering up Iran between 2007 and 2017 despite US sanctions. Meng is said to have “repeatedly lied”.


The Chinese group, one of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment suppliers, has been under criticism for a long time. The United States and other countries accuse Huawei of being too close to the Chinese authorities and see the group as a threat to their cybersecurity.


However, US Attorney General Whitaker said on Monday that the prosecution did not point out any involvement of the Chinese government in the case. But China must ensure that its citizens and businesses abide by the law.


Trade Minister Wilbur Ross pointed out that the prosecution of these crimes is unrelated to the negotiations between China and the United States over the trade dispute. There it should go this week in the next round.


On Wednesday and Thursday, an official delegation from China is expected to hold a number of meetings in Washington, the White House said Monday. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced in Washington that at the end of the talks, President Donald Trump will meet Chinese Vice Premier Liu He.


On the US side, according to the White House, talks are led by Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. Among others, Mnuchin, Minister of Trade Wilbur Ross and one of the economic advisors to US President Donald Trump, Larry Kudlow, were among the participants.


Both countries have been dealing for months with a bitter trade dispute. The United States has levied special duties on goods from China worth more than 250 billion euros. China has responded with retaliatory tariffs. At the beginning of December, Trump and China’s head of state Xi Jinping agreed on a 90-day “peace period” until 1 March. In early January, a US delegation traveled to China for trade talks. Now follows the sequel in the US capital.


Mnuchin said the conversation between Trump and Xi had been very productive. The discussions in Beijing have been very significant. Now you look forward to the next meeting. My expectation is that we will make significant progress in these meetings, “Mnuchin said. At the same time, he emphasized: “These are complicated facts.” With regard to the agreed truce of 90 days, he said, even after the talks in Washington remained another 30 days.

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