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US court orders Katy Perry to pay $ 2.7 million to Marcus Gray in copyright infringement


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at wnobserver.com

A US court here ordered singer Katy Perry to pay $ 2.7 million in copyright infringement to rapper Marcus Gray.

The decision was made by the court to find that Perry’s hit song ‘Dark Horse’ contained a rhythm similar to one of the rap singer’s compositions.

The Los Angeles City News Service reported the verdict, following a copyright trial involving composer and singer Marcus Gray or Flame, claiming his own hit track, ‘Joyful Noise’ was copied and used in Perry’s single.

Last week the jury found that the pace of the two songs was the same.

Perry, who was present in the court as a witness last week, said the song was an original composition and that she had never heard the rap song.

Katy Perry said her collaborative work produced several examples of short instrumental passages, which inspired the composition of the song ‘Dark Horse’.

The song Dark Horse brought home $ 31 million to record company Capitol Records, a unit within Universal Music Group and Perry for about US $ 3.2 million.

On Thursday, the US court ordered Capitol Records to pay $ 1.2 million in damages to Gray, while singer Perry was ordered to pay US $ 550,000.

Producers and other composers collaborating on the song were ordered to pay $ 2.7 million in damages.

Marcus Gray or Flame, 37, of St. Louis Missouri released his first album in 2004 and had topped the Billboard gospel chart or Christian song charts, but was not well known outside the genre.

Katy Perry, 34, started making her name on the world stage in 2008 with the single ‘I Kissed a Girl’.

Famous singer has also been a judge for a reality TV program, ‘American Idol’ for three seasons.

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