Thursday, May 6, 2021

US elections 2020 – Georgia state officials: We are witnessing a successful election day

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Robert Frank
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Officials in Georgia expect to report statewide although two polling sites have extended voting time for hours, as both sites have been postponed on Election Day. Officials say this should not delay the results of the statewide reports.

Georgia’s foreign minister, Brad Ravensberger, also said that Georgia is witnessing a “successful” election day so far, stressing in a press conference Tuesday afternoon: “Our action plan for November was to encourage absentee voting.

Our target was 1.5 million absentee voters. We received 1.6 million requests and at the moment we probably have roughly 1.5 million ballot papers accepted, so that was a win for us. Also, our target was 2 million voters to vote early,” he added. We passed by 2.7 or 2.8. That was a success. And after that day, for Election Day, the ability to handle up to 2 million additional voters, and we’ll see what the total is by the end of the day. ”


Ravensburger said Georgia doesn’t have any malware or cybersecurity issues in the state yet, they did not hear of any legal objections to any absentee mail polls until this afternoon.

President Donald Trump is competing in the US elections for the Republican Party, hoping to win a second term, while Joe Biden, former US Vice President Barack Obama, represents the Democratic Party in that election.

The president of the United States is chosen by the electoral college system, whose number is 538, and in order for a candidate to become a winner, he must extract 270 or more votes from the electoral college votes, and as for the vote-counting mechanism, it is done according to the winner’s rule, all in the sense that if any candidate wins the largest percentage From the votes in a state, he gets all the votes in the electoral college for it, which explains why a candidate can become a winner of the election result despite having obtained an original number of popular votes.

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