Friday, October 7, 2022

US elections 2020 – Michigan registers more than 12,000 new voters today


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The US state of Michigan has registered 12,530 new voters, a move that highlights the benefit of voter registration on the same day, according to a spokesperson for Secretary of State Jake Rollo.

In a call with reporters, Rollo said there are lines of people waiting to register or specifically update their registration in two college towns: Ann Arbor, which houses the University of Michigan, and Grand Rapids, near Grand Valley State, and Rollo added that generally, things are running smoothly in all over the state.

The state has seen more than 359,000 new voter registrations since August 5, the day after the August primaries, which were the state elections.

This is the first presidential election in Michigan to allow voter registration on the same day after voters passed the ballot initiative in 2018 to establish the practice, the number of Michigan residents who registered today is greater than President Donald Trump’s winning margin in 2016, which was 10,704 votes.

President Donald Trump is competing in the US elections for the Republican Party, hoping to win a second term, while Joe Biden, former US Vice President Barack Obama, represents the Democratic Party in that election.

Candidates Trump and Biden hold different visions in many files, foremost of which is the Corona crisis, management of the economy, the file of migrants, border security and others, which has created a state of discrepancy in the opinion polls that predict the outcome of the US elections 2020.

The president of the United States is chosen by the electoral college system, whose number is 538, and in order for a candidate to become a winner, he must extract 270 or more votes from the electoral college votes, and as for the vote-counting mechanism, it is done according to the winner’s rule, all in the sense that if any candidate wins the largest percentage From the votes in a state, he gets all the votes in the electoral college for it, which explains why a candidate can become a winner of the election result despite having obtained an original number of popular votes.

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