Thursday, May 6, 2021

US elections 2020 – Trump expects to win at least 306 votes in the electoral college

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Robert Frank
Robert Frank
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US President Donald Trump expects that he will get at least 306 votes in the electoral college, as Americans go to the polls to choose their president today.

In an interview, Trump expressed his belief that he is winning in Texas, and added that he is also winning in critical states such as Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina, and indicated that he is doing very well in Pennsylvania.

Regarding his re-election chances, Trump said: “I think we have a strong chance to win,” and Trump went on: he will announce victory when there is a real victory, adding that there is no need to play games.


Trump went on to say in statements that if Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, became the first woman to reach the presidency, that would be horrific for America and that it would be horrific for women. Trump added that he looks forward to having a woman taking over the presidency for the first time, but he is not looking for Harris to be this woman.

Voting in the US presidential election began with polling stations open in 13 states so far. The polling stations opened their doors in eight states at 6:00 AM EST, 12:00 Cairo local time, in Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Maine, Kentucky, Connecticut, Indiana, and New Hampshire.

At half-past six in the morning American Eastern Time, 12:30 in the afternoon Cairo time, voting began in three other states, in West Virginia, Ohio, and North Carolina.

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