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US intelligence coordinator Dan Coats vacates the position


Zubair Yaqoob
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US intelligence coordinator Dan Coats resigns from his post in the administration of President Donald Trump on August 15. This confirmed Donald Trump on Sunday evening on Twitter. Earlier, the media had expected Coats to withdraw from office in the coming days. The “The New York Times” and the “Wall Street Journal” reported this on Sunday, citing inside circles.

Trump thanked Dan Coats Coats on Twitter for his “great service to the country”. He announced plans to nominate Republican MP John Ratcliffe from Texas for the post. As a former prosecutor, he would inspire the country to greatness, he wrote. It was initially unclear whether the 76-year-old goes from his own pieces or whether Trump has urged him to resign.

Recently, there have been several reports that Trump is dissatisfied with Coats, Ratcliffe, however, is considered a fellow campaigner of the President. Already in the past week, the MEP was in focus, because he was the former Russia Special Investigator Robert Mueller questioned in a hearing before Congress extremely aggressive.

With the deputy John Ratcliffe, Trump has now chosen a successor who is well-disposed to him. The 53-year-old, who sits in the House of Representatives for Texas since 2015, is completely in line with Trump’s line-up.

At the hearing of Robert Mueller in the Judiciary Committee last week, Ratcliffe dealt harshly with the former Russia Special Investigator. He accused him of having exceeded his powers. It was not Mueller’s task to state in his final report whether Trump was guilty of the judicial disability or not. CNN recently reported that Trump often spoke to Ratcliffe and was a “big fan” of the MP. The president has yet to officially nominate the 53-year-old for the post. The staff must then be confirmed by the Senate.

The Director of the National Intelligence Service has the task of coordinating the various intelligence services of the United States. Coats has been in office since March 2017. Previously, he was among other US Ambassador to Germany from 2001 to 2005.

Trump and Coats were cross public several times. The Intelligence Coordinator said in January that Iran does not currently believe he is working on a nuclear weapon. The President disagreed and accused the services of ignorance.

Dan Coats repeatedly warned against possible cyber attacks from Russia. The intelligence services are convinced that Moscow has intervened with hacking and other methods in the 2016 US election campaign to help Trump and harm its Democrat competitor Hillary Clinton. The president has repeatedly expressed his skepticism.

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