Friday, July 1, 2022

US Navy Secretary denies Trump threat to resign


Robert Frank
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US Navy Secretary Richard Spence said he did not threaten to resign amid a row with US President Donald Trump over a commission of senior commanders that could lead to the dismissal of a senior elite officer after being found guilty of wrongdoing on a battlefield.

“Contrary to what is rumored, I am still in my position and have not threatened to resign”, Spencer said at a security conference in Halifax. The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Spencer had threatened to resign.

Reuters quoted Spence as saying that special operations chief Edward Gallagher should be brought before a panel of senior commanders “because the process is about good order and discipline in the US Navy”.

A week ago, Trump intervened in the case and ordered the Navy to reinstate Gallagher’s salary and pave the way for him to retire with a full pension.

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