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US official confirms first Chinese Corona virus infection in Washington


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A spokesman for CDC said on Tuesday that a person from China in Washington was diagnosed with the outbreak of Corona virus in Wuhan, China. A spokesman for the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told Reuters that more details will be revealed at a press conference on Tuesday.

The newly identified corona virus appeared in Wuhan and spread to Beijing and Shanghai. Chinese health officials said more than 300 people were infected and six died.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began last week to screen travelers from China at three US airports. In addition to the United States, cases outside China have appeared in South Korea, Thailand and Japan.

“More than 300 people were infected and six died with Corona virus”

On the other hand, a Chinese tourism company said Tuesday, that North Korea will impose a temporary ban on entry of foreign tourists due to the spread of a new deadly strain of the Corona virus in China. Most of the North Korean foreign tourists come from China, the main supporter of Pyongyang.

Young Pioneer Tours, a Chinese-based adventure tourism company, said in a statement that North Korea will temporarily close its borders to all foreign tourists from Wednesday, as a precaution against the virus, which has spread rapidly from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

“I have confirmed that North Korea will temporarily suspend entry of all foreign tourists to it until it senses that the new strain of the Corona virus is under control,” Rawan Bird, from Pioneer Tours, told Reuters.

The company statement said that more details will be confirmed by its North Korean partners later.

A director of another tourism company contacted by Reuters said they were also notified of the move, but it was not yet clear who would be affected by the policy, expecting to announce more details on Wednesday.

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Concern is growing about the virus, which can be transmitted between humans through contact, especially with millions of Asians traveling this Lunar New Year holiday this week. The number of confirmed cases of the virus in China rose to 291 on Monday.

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