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US official highlights alarming documents about Boeing Max Aircraft safety


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Boeing Max: A congressional official said to AFP on Tuesday that recently disclosed documents appear to indicate a very disturbing picture of Boeing’s response to safety issues related to the Boeing Max 737 aircraft, and Boeing sent the documents late Monday evening, hours after dismiss its CEO Dennis Muilenburg, according to the official in the Transportation Committee in the House of Representatives, and the committee is leading an investigation into Max planes that were suspended from work last March after two crashes, dealing with Boeing’s response to the first crash and the role of the regulatory authorities overseeing aircraft licensing, while the official refused who uncovered the documents, said; The officials of the committee are still reviewing it.

A flyer attached to a Boeing Max plane

He added: “The records seem to indicate a very disturbing picture of the concerns expressed by Boeing employees about the company’s commitment to safety and the efforts of some employees to ensure that regulators or others do not obstruct Boeing’s production plans”.

The committee is chaired by Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio, who conducted an investigation with Boeing officials In a hearing in October, during which a number of deputies called for Muilenburg’s resignation, according to Sky News.

DeFazio said on Monday that Muilenburg’s dismissal “should have taken place before that,” adding that the company, “I took a number of destructive decisions indicating that profit was more a priority b It is a safety measure, “Boeing announced the appointment of David Calhoun as the new CEO to succeed Muilenburg, and said the company needed to restore confidence and improve relations with regulatory authorities, customers and all other interested parties.

The two Boeing 737 MAX crashes were less than Five months plunged the company into the most serious crisis in its history, and in an unprecedented decision in the history of modern aviation, it has prevented all the world’s fleet of these planes from flying since March 13.

The plane crashes an airline “Lion Air” at the end of October and another of the airlines Ethiopian on the tenth of March in circumstances For the fall of its similarity 346 people dead, and indicated the investigation to a glitch in information systems.

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