Monday, July 26, 2021

US officials: Iran intends to launch electronic attacks on US interests


Zubair Yaqoob
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The US Department of Homeland Security said that Iran is directing electronic attacks targeting the United States amid rising tensions between the two countries, and warned government and private institutions to prepare for their defense against those attacks.

Christopher Crepes, chief security officer at the ministry, said the Iranian side, both Iranian and self-employed, was increasing their targeting of US agencies, institutions and industries with destructive electronic attacks that could destroy entire electronic networks.

Michael Connell, an Iranian expert at the US think-tank CNA, said the threat of highly damaging and widespread cyber attacks on businesses and businesses in the United States could increase in the wake of an electronic attack directed by the US Electronic Command against an electronic intelligence group Related to Iranian forces late last month.


He added that the United States began to attack, and naturally there is an Iranian response, but it is expected to direct Iranian attacks on government targets along with other economic interests in the United States.

“This is the first time that the United States has stood on the verge of a military conflict with a country with great electronic capabilities, such as Iran, where they can now exchange electronic attacks,” Sergio Caltagiron, vice president of DRAGOS, said. From resorting to conventional weapons.

In late June, cyberattack by the ​​Command of the US Armed Forces had paralyzed military control systems of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran, but had not resulted in casualties.

Recently, The US President Donald Trump has announced additional sanctions against Iran. However, according to him, military action remains an option on the table. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo signaled readiness for talks with the Iran. If Iran wants to renounce violence and engage with United States diplomatic efforts, “he knows how to reach us,” a statement by Pompeo said.

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