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US Presidential campaign 2020: Five confrontations on the sidelines of the elections


Sajid Aziz
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US Presidential campaign 2020: The United States appears to be on the verge of electoral confrontations on the sidelines of the Democratic and Republican parties’ preparations for the upcoming US elections in 2020. Between the internal Democratic struggles, especially after the announcement of the New York Democratic Mayor, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, along with the conflicts of Democrats and Trump, this week is witnessing five heated confrontations.

Biden vs Warren in the US Presidential campaign 2020

When potential Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren rival in the party, former Vice President Joe Biden, demanded to run on the Republican lists for criticizing the Medicare for all plan. Biden criticized Warren as being out of touch with members.

The two sides clearly believe that this is a battle that will benefit them as they increase public appeal to them, which means that it will not stop anytime soon.

Biden must convince Democratic voters that Warren is a dangerous gamble with her liberal policies, and for Warren, she must show that she is able to respond to the expected attack from Trump soon, as well as Biden’s blows to her, noting that the two are alarmed that they see a strong woman. Stand out as a possible presidential candidate.

Trump against the public

US President Donald Trump has so far considered the Democrat-led investigations into the House of Representatives into the leaked calls between him and his Ukrainian counterpart by the trick, and these calls are known to draw clear lines for a campaign of pressure in order to force the Ukrainian side to open the door to the investigation of Joe Biden and his son, Although there is no evidence of any excesses from Biden.

The scene changes when the House of Representatives holds its first public hearing with US diplomat Bill Taylor, one of three witnesses expected to testify publicly this week, and the hearings pose a different challenge to Trump.

Warren and Sanders v. Bloomberg

The late nomination of Democrat billionaire Michael Bloomberg has made Elizabeth Warren and veteran Democratic politician Bernie Sanders crazy.

Bloomberg’s unexpected announcement of his candidacy for the presidential race has caused both Warren and Sanders to be very nervous. In a speech in Iowa, Sanders said he would not be able to buy the election.

Warren wrote on her Twitter account a link to a calculator for billionaires telling them what taxes they would pay if she won the presidency would be more than they currently pay.

Pete Buttigieg in the face of everyone

The New York Times on Sunday published an article titled, “Why does Pete Buttigieg bother”? And why does everyone criticize the mayor Buttigieg? Perhaps it is because he leads most polls and is widely seen as the future of the party. Another aspect of public criticism is his overconfident self-confidence, and his controversial statements. For example, he said last week that competition had receded, between him and Elizabeth Warren only in the US Presidential campaign 2020.

According to the CNN report, some attributed the severity of Pete’s remarks to his young age and lack of political experience, where he is only 37 years old and has served as one politician, the mayor of South Bend in addition to not following a detailed political plan.

Bloomberg defies time

The former mayor of New York City has two questions on the timeline about his likely run in the presidential race. The first question, is Bloomberg too late to make his decision?

The answer is yes, as Michael Bloomberg ran for election in Alabama last Friday and the question now is whether Bloomberg will be able to meet the diverse requirements of the ballot given the remaining timetable? Fact that Bloomberg has the ability to spend a lot of money on such conditions is the only thing that can save him.

The second question is, can any candidate exceed the first four states even if he is one of the richest people in the world? It has not worked before in the modern election era, as the mass of candidates in the first four states that lasts until the end of the race is irreplaceable and in the case of Bloomberg it will surpass Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

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