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US presidential election 2020: Spotify decides not to play political advertisements


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The streaming service Spotify will stop playing political ads next year during the American presidential election campaign. Spotify justified this on Friday with concerns about the dissemination of false information. The company is currently unable to check and validate the content of political advertisements. The sale of political advertising ads will therefore be suspended in early 2020.

The Swedish streaming service has millions of subscribers in the United States who use the ad-financed free offer.

“President Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders had placed ads on Spotify”

Earlier, there was no information about how much income Spotify generated from political advertising. However, the industry media “Advertising Age” reported that, among other things, the Republican Party of the United States President Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders, who is applying for the presidential candidacy of the Democratic Party, had placed ads on Spotify. With 130 million users worldwide, the service is seen as an opportunity to reach young voters.

Before the presidential election in November 2020, there is growing concern about disinformation campaigns and the dissemination of false information. Trump himself repeatedly spreads false or misleading information.

Twitter also wants halt political advertisements

Giant internet companies reacted differently. The short message service Twitter has largely banished political advertising. The online giant Google announced in November that it would not allow individualized voter advertising. The targeted political advertising could only be possible on the basis of broader criteria such as age, gender and postcode.

On the other hand, Facebook wants to continue allowing political advertisements. The online network argues that users and journalists should check ads for their truthfulness.

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