Thursday, June 24, 2021

US snowstorm turn Thanksgiving holiday trips into a nightmare


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Snowstorm blocked roads in the United States, canceled some 900 flights in what was expected to be the busiest day of the year for major roads and airports, and many travelers trying to return home were stranded on Sunday after the Thanksgiving holiday.

The storm was expected to cause about 30 centimeters of snow on the western side of the Boston metro area by Monday morning, the National Weather Service said.

Flights were canceled and postponed throughout the day, mostly at airports in San Francisco, New York and Boston. According to the FlightAware website, 881 flights were canceled and 7,122 others were delayed.


Families returning home on Sunday from their Thanksgiving weekend may have some issues with their travel plans. Winter snowstorm Ezekiel, named by the Weather Channel, has affected over 30 states so far, interrupting millions of people’s travel routes due to gusty winds, snow and ice.

The snowstorm has been heading east from the Plains and the Midwest and made the first snowfall landing of the year from New Jersey to Boston, according to the USA Today. Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey were all hit on Sunday.

The disruptions coincided with what trade group Airlines for America expected to be the busiest day of the year for the airline industry, with 3.1 million passengers. Airlines were expected to carry a record 31.6 million travelers during the 12 days around Thanksgiving, a nearly 4% increase from last year.

The Northeast storm is expected to last until at least Monday evening, according to forecasters.

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