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US writer warns of the consequences of isolating Trump


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US writer Andrew J. Bacevich has voiced in the United States media about the impending removal of President Donald Trump, warning against doing so.

In an article in The Boston Globe, the writer assumed that this was true, and that the end was already nearing or at least appeared to be, “What then”? Bacevich said that under the US Constitution, Vice President Mike Pence succeeds Trump in office. And optimists may hope that this will usher in the current crisis, and that the Americans put aside their differences and unite behind their new leader.

“Trump’s loyalist Pence will not deviate from his Republican policies”

But that is unlikely to happen, for at least three reasons: First, Pence – Trump’s most loyal – will not deviate from his Republican policies; he will lack the real legitimacy that would entitle him to power, and from the first day he will be without authority.

No one should be hoping for a repeat of the 1974 scenario when Gerald Ford came to the presidency, replacing Richard Nixon, bringing a state of public satisfaction, Bacevich said.

The second reason, given by the writer, is that the relentless pursuit of other presidential elections in less than a year will pour oil on the fire of party fanaticism.

He ruled out the possibility that Trump’s overthrow would be punished by reconciliation, suggesting that the political war that erupted since the inaugural speech in early 2017 would continue, and that the performance of the war would not be discouraged. Have them place other than the margin.

“Those who voted for Trump will not accept the situation, which some defenders of the president now describes as an attempted coup”

In addition, Trump himself may re-emerge and declare himself a candidate in those elections.

The third reason – the most important one according to the author – is that the overthrow of Trump may give a new aura to his image and his policies; because those who voted for Trump will not accept the situation, which some defenders of the president now describes as an attempted coup.

Trump’s isolation is punishable by condemning the Senate, rather than consolidating the importance of the Constitution, that would put him in a quandary that has never been seen since the civil war.

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