Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Washington imposes new sanctions on Iran


Hailey Warner
Hailey isn't the biggest fan of Winter, but she's doing her best to embrace the cold weather and snow. You can find her trying out new recipes, playing squash or writing editorials.
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The United States on Wednesday announced sanctions on the Iranian construction and trade sectors including four materials used by the country’s military or nuclear program.

However, Washington is repatriating some previous restrictions, allowing some foreign firms to pursue development projects in Iran.

The results announced by the United States Department of State provide a picture of the country’s efforts, increasing pressure on Iran, while imposing more economic sanctions.


At the same time, however, it opened a diplomatic space that allowed the development of nuclear facilities to continue in Iran, making it difficult for the country to produce nuclear bombs.

Last year, President Trump’s administration withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal and, according to the alliance, Iran agreed to restrict its nuclear program under conditions of sanctions affecting its economy, revoked.

Subsequently, Washington re-enacted sanctions to force Iran to negotiate an agreement that would limit its missile programs and activities.

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