Tuesday, November 30, 2021

World’s first transgender reality star died in suspicious circumstances


Mehboob Ali Shaikh
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The world’s first transgender reality star Miriam Rivera has been found dead at 38 years old in suspicious circumstances.

Although the cause of her death is still a mystery, her husband, New York-based Daniel Cuervo, suspects that his wife has died of treachery.

Daniel Cuervo suspects that his wife has died of treachery

Cuervo in a statement to Daily Mail Saturday said he believed his wife had been ‘described’ as having committed suicide after refusing to accept an offer as a prostitute.

“On the morning of February 5 this year, Miriam contacted me in New York from Mexico, informed that she was ill and vomiting blood, so I asked my wife to go to the hospital.

“Transgender reality star was found dead in her home in Hermosillo, Mexico”

“Miriam contacted me again before leaving the hospital at noon (local time) and that was the last time we talked,” he said recalling the day Miriam was found dead earlier this year.

At around 2pm that same day, transgender reality star was found dead in her home in Hermosillo, Mexico.

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According to Cuervo, he sought permission to fly his wife’s body to New York upon learning of Miriam’s death but was informed that deceased body had been burned. thus not allowing him to go through the autopsy.

“An unidentified man contacted me when I was trying to arrange for Miriam’s funeral and said, do not come to Mexico or you will be killed,” he said.

Former close friend of transgender reality star, Jeanett Ortoft, expressed the same opinion and suspected Miriam’s death was a result of treason.

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