Monday, January 17, 2022

1 dead, 45 injured after 5.7 magnitude earthquake in Iran


Zubair Yaqoob
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A 5.7-magnitude earthquake in southwestern Iran near the border with Iraq on Monday caused death of a person from heart attack and 45 injured, the country’s aid and rescue organization said.

The earthquake, with the center of the tremors located in the area of ​​Masjed Soleiman in Khuzestan region, occurred at 11.30am local time, at a depth of 17 kilometers, Iran’s national earthquake centre reported.

The region was shaken by seven aftershocks, the strongest 5.7 magnitude earthquake, report said.

At least 45 injured after the earthquake, Iran’s head of aid and rescue organization Morteza Salimi said.

“A resident of Masjed Soleiman  died from a heart attack after the earthquake,” said Salimi.

City and nearby villages were affected by the earthquake, there is only a small crack in the building, roads to several villages are broken during the earth shake, he said

In November 2017, 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Kermanshah region killed 620 people.

The worst earthquake measuring 7.4 occurred in 1990 in northern Iran took more then 40,000 lives, injuring another 300,000 and causing half a million homeless people.

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