99 dead from toxic alcohol in India

At least 99 people were killed and more were hospitalized in northern India, due to drinking toxic alcohol, urging action to be taken against illegal makers and distributors.


Reports of deaths in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have begun to be broadcast over the last three days, and the police suspect the alcohol contains methanol.


Local-made algae are cheap and easy to buy, especially in rural India, and illegal liquor manufacturers and distributors often add methanol content into liquids for sale.


Methanol contains high levels of toxicity and is often used as anti-frozen substances, in addition to improving the resistance of the liquor.


However, if taken in large quantities, methanol can cause blindness, liver damage and death.


“A total of 59 people have been diagnosed with fever for taking alcohol containing toxic substances in Uttar Pradesh,” police spokesman Shailendra Kumar Sharma said.


Meanwhile, in a nearby area, a senior police official said nine dead and 66 illegal drug makers have been arrested, while alcohol samples have been sent for laboratory analysis.


In Uttarakhand, the police confirmed 31 casualties and two suspected persons were booked for supply of alcohol.


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