Adib Rizvi-First Pakistani Honored by British Association of Urological Surgeons

Rich tributes were paid to Prof Adib Rizvi, Director SIUT when he became the first Pakistani surgeon to receive the prestigious honorary membership of the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) at a ceremony on Tuesday.

The visiting Secretary designate of the BAUS Dr Asif Munir who conferred the prestigious membership to Dr Rizvi in his citation recounted the the services rendered by the iconic Pakistani surgeon during past decades.

He complimented him of his vision, dedication and his deep commitment for mitigating the plight of ailing population in Pakistan.

Keeping him in the highest esteem the Asif Munir himself a urologist said the philosophy and vision of Rizvi needs to be emulated.

In his speech of thanks Dr Adib Rizvi underlined the need of academic and professional cooperation between the British medical institutions and his own Institute.

He asked for better flow of information and transfer of technology and exchange program between SIUT and BAUS.

Rizvi also complimented the British medical institution which played a great role in his professional training.

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