Friday, July 1, 2022

After failed allegations attempt, India lobbies against Pakistan on FATF


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

India is pressing for Pakistan to remain on a terrorism watchlist after failed allegations of attack in disputed Kashmir. The Financial Action Task Force, a global body established to counter terrorist financing and money laundering, is meeting in Paris this week. Pakistan during the incumbent government under the  Prime minister Imran Khan have taken number of initiatives against money laundering and terror financing within the country. The country anticipates to get out of  “gray list” of countries that do not have adequate control over such activities.

Two Indian officials dealing with the case have claimed to obtain some information about Pakistan’s involvement in Pulwama district of Kashmir  incident that killed 40 Indian paramilitary troops.

Jaesh Muhammad claimed responsibility for the attack. A third Indian official said details of the militant group’s operations had been provided to the FATF. Asian watchdogs are in view that Jaesh Muhammed was also involved in various incident in Pakistan and claimed the responsibility.

South Asian watchdogs are in view that both the nuke-countries should restrain cross statements and work together to curb cross border terrorism. At present US want permanent peace solution in Afghanistan and desired to resume talk with Afghan Taliban leaders.

Before the general elections in India, the ruling party plays the old songs blaming neighboring country on modern band, Indian opposition parties claimed.

Recent comment by cricketer turned Politician Novjot Singh Sidhu ( commonly known as Sidhu)  set the ruling party on fire saying that “ Let the Kashmiri people to decide their fate, rather to blame others”. Soon after he was forced away from famous television show.

Keeping the drumbeat, Indian government has ordered to remove all pictures of Internationally acclaimed cricket players of Pakistan from their stadiums walls. Not only the sports hatred, Indian government has also put the trade on halt by punishing 200 percent duties of Pakistan goods. Indians claimed that they have stopped the tomato supply to Pakistan.

Across the border, Top vegetable exporter and Patron in chief Pakistan fruit and vegetable exporters and importers Association while refuting the claims of Indian side said that we have and earlier refused to import Indian tomatoes due to virus contamination.

On Indian atrocities on minorities in Kashmir and other provinces, European Union considers to punish the trade with South Asian country.


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