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Australia bush fires: Over 100 schools are closed, 300 homes destroyed


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Australia bush fires: More than 100 schools in southeastern Australia are closed on Wednesday and authorities are warning residents in high-risk zones to be ready to move when high temperatures are forecast to cause new fires.

Australia has been struggling to deal with bush fires in some areas for several days, displacing thousands of people in many areas. The fires so far this month has claimed at least four lives, destroying one million hectares of agricultural and bush land and over 300 homes.

Today, attention is being directed from the east coast to South Australia where authorities are turning the fire danger warning into ‘catastrophe’, with temperatures expected to reach 42 degrees Celsius and strong winds are forecast.

Disaster warnings mean that if fires occur, it is impossible for firefighters to control them due to the weather.

“In the event of a fire, the activity gets worse, faster and harder to control”, the South Australia Fire Chief’s assistant to media in the capital Adelaide said.

So far this month fires in Australia has claimed at least four lives, destroying one million hectares of agricultural and bush land and over 300 homes

He added that seven fire warnings should not be taken lightly.

Australia was exposed to bush fires during the dry summer but a series of out-of-control fires broke out earlier in the spring following a three-year drought that left much of the country dry.

As immediate threats were made in the south today, firefighters continued to wipe out about 100 wildfires for several days across the east coast of Australia.

The capital city, the most densely populated city of about five million people, was hit by second-hand smoke in a row.

Health authorities have warned residents in the port city to stay out of the house when the smoke rises.

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