Saturday, December 4, 2021

Australia: Two dead and 150 houses destroyed by forest fires


Hailey Warner
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Authorities in Australia said on Saturday that two persons dead and that at least 150 houses had been destroyed by forest fires in the east of the country.

Two people have died Kangawalla fire near Glen Innes. The ABC has identified one of the victims as Vivian Chaplain, 69, who relatives say died trying to defend her home. The other victim is yet to be identified

New South Wales’s rural fire department said early on Saturday that firefighters had found one body in a car and seven others were missing.

A more serious fire-related situation was expected on Saturday, the head of the department, Sean Fitzsimens, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Australia now faces one of the worst seasons of forest fires, with parts of it suffering the worst drought in memory.

New South Wales’s rural fire department on Friday issued a record number of emergency warnings, announcing 17 serious fires after strong winds and drought quickly spread fires.

On Saturday morning, there were six serious fires raging in NSW out of a total of 70 statewide fires.

In Queensland in the north, thousands of Sunshine Coast residents spent the night in evacuation centers after authorities told them to leave.

The Queensland Emergency and Fire Department announced one serious fire Saturday morning.

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