Saturday, January 29, 2022

Australia witnessed hottest day ever to reach 40.9 degrees


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Australia has recorded the warmest day ever, according to preliminary results of the Meteorological Office.

Radio France International said Wednesday, that the average maximum temperature across the country was 40.9 degrees Celsius, setting a previous record of 40.3 degrees set in January 2013, according to the office.

For its part, said “Diana Eddy,” the meteorologist at the office that this temperature is rising, as it reached degrees more than 45 degrees in most of the interior in Australia.

The hottest place in Australia was the southern town of Sedna, which recorded 46.5 degrees Celsius, according to the Met Office.

As the heat peaks in southeastern Australia, it will make the job tougher for thousands of firefighters deployed to mega-fires such as the Gospers Mountain blaze raging across nearly 1 million acres to the northwest of Sydney.

Smoke from this fire and others has periodically shrouded the country’s largest city in noxious smoke, posing serious health risks, particularly for the young and for those with asthma or other chronic conditions, as well as for the elderly.

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