Thursday, August 11, 2022

China and Russia develops weather modification technology


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

MOSCOW: China and Russia are working together to work on projects to change the Earth’s atmosphere and even manipulate the weather.

The project is claimed by experts to be potentially used by the military, because it can disrupt satellite communications which could be useful for espionage warfare, according to the Russian media.

Two countries have conducted several experiments to change the chemical composition of the atmosphere in the skies of Europe and China planning to further develop this technology.

The South China Morning Post reported one experiment covering a vast area of half-UK equivalent or about 126 thousand square kilometers with an altitude of 500 kilometers above the sky of Eastern Europe.

Vasilsursk, a small city, located on the Sura river in Russia, experienced a surge in electricity that had ten times sub-atomic particles compared to the surrounding area.

This experiment increases the temperature of ionized gas in the atmosphere at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.

Electrons were sent to the sky from the facility at Vasilsursk which was built during the Cold War.

The experiment produced 260 megawatts of microwave, enough power to illuminate a small city, and send it to the height of the atmosphere.

Data on the Earth’s atmospheric reaction were collected by Chinese surveillance satellite Zhangheng-1.
In a research journal report on Earth and Planetary Physics, the experimental results were declared successful.

The ionosphere of the earth is created when cosmic rays from outer space make electrons from separate atoms and create ions, which are charged electrons.

At the height of the atmosphere, this is common and can cause microwaves and radio waves to reflect charged particles such as mirrors.

This process has a significant impact on how radio signals are transmitted over long distances.
Military interest in the ionosphere is not new. Turning the ionosphere into enemy territory can interfere with or disconnect with satellite communications, a distinct advantage in the event of war or espionage.

Changing the atmosphere has triggered fear because technology can be used to modify weather patterns, cause natural disasters and even interfere with brain function.

Both the US and the Soviet Union developed a site to change the ionosphere during the Cold War but China has doubled this effort and is now building it on its own.

Allegedly sophisticated facilities in Sanya, Hainan will be able to manipulate the ionosphere throughout the South China Sea.

Some have voiced concern that this technology can be manipulated to modify the weather and cause natural disasters, although most experts believe this is nothing more than Chinese and Russian conspiracy theories.

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