Sunday, May 29, 2022

China shocks the world with crowding train stations with 108 million passengers in 8 days despite Corona


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The world was shocked by new scenes from China in light of the continuing outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic “Covid 19”, while all countries are trying to apply precautionary measures firmly and strictly to prevent infection with the Coronavirus and to avoid the outbreak of new waves of the deadly disease among its citizens, pictures and videos have spread on websites Social media, documents a crowd of thousands of Chinese at bus and train stations.

The shocking video footage of the Chinese at bus and train stops is that they are gathering in large numbers without any regard for the rules of social distancing or the necessary measures to avoid infection with the new Coronavirus, which appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December of last year.

Chinese crowd at a train station in Zhejiang Prefecture

A video clip documented severe congestion inside a bus station in Hefei, while thousands gathered in the streets leading to the building, and it seemed as if the Coronavirus had ended the world, and other Chinese cities witnessed similar scenes, including Wuhan, “the cradle of the virus”, where Residents were also stuck in a traffic jam that lasted for hours, according to Sky News.

This severe congestion in many cities coincides with the advent of the Chinese National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival, which gives citizens an 8-day vacation, and the state railway company said, Monday, that it expects to deal with 108 million passengers, as the state media warned, Wednesday, people from that highways will see peak traffic from 2 pm to 11 pm, as people flock to the tourist areas across the country.

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