Thursday, August 18, 2022

China unveils advanced supersonic weapons


Zubair Yaqoob
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China has unveiled advanced supersonic weapons, which will be used in any future conflict with the United States or other rival countries. The defense company, which manufactures the Chinese military’s war machine, has released a propaganda video showing new missiles designed to outperform traditional defense systems. nuclear weapons.

The video shows the supersonic weapons used to destroy enemy ships, bases and submarines. Beijing has not followed the footsteps of Russia, which released a video last year showing nuclear weapons that rained down on Florida. Instead, it showed only the capabilities of its military weapons. Reveal civilian targets under attack.

It was said that the weapon in the video is Dongfeng-17 , A ballistic missile equipped with a sliding vehicle (HGV). This superpower, which can not be stopped, is said to be capable of achieving speeds of up to 7680 miles per hour (12,360 kilometers per hour) – or 10 times the speed of sound – with a nuclear warhead.

The video was published by China Aerospace Science and Technology CASC government-controlled media on Chinese social network last Friday.

Missile left the smoke
Missile left the smoke

China recently conducted a missile test and described the mysterious object it called a “UFO”, and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) announced the test in a publication on the social network Weibo, with the participation of a picture of a rocket followed by a shot of a bright body in the sky above the Bohai Sea, and although the PLA did not specify the target, viewers speculated it was a submarine launched.

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