Sunday, August 1, 2021

China warns of ‘counterattack’ plan of US medium-range missiles deployment in Asian region


Zubair Yaqoob
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China has warned Tuesday that it will take unspecified retaliation if the United States (US) continues plans to deploy a medium-range missiles in the Asia Pacific region.

The statement was made a few days after Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said Washington was free to send arms following the country’s withdrawal last week from a Medium-Range Nuclear Force (INF) deal with Russia.

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“China will not remain silent and will have to respond if the US sends medium-range missiles in the region.

“We also urge our neighbors to be careful and not allow the deployment of medium-range missiles in their territory. That does not represent the national security interest of the country, “said Chinese Foreign Ministry’s director of arms control, Fu Cong, naming Australia, Japan and South Korea.

Fu said it was important to confirm if the US planned to place the medium-range missiles at the ‘entrance’ of China.

“Especially for a country that is experiencing a Cuban missile crisis, I think the US people should understand China’s feelings,” he said.

Australia on Monday denied any possibility of medium-range missiles deployment in its home country, saying Canberra was not even asked to do so.

The South Korean Defense Ministry said it had not held any talks with the US on the delivery of the medium-sized missile.

US marines regularly carry out rotational operations in the city of Darwin, sparking speculation that US  missiles may be deployed in the northern city after the United States withdrew last Friday from the mid-range nuclear weapons treaty with Russia.

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