Monday, October 25, 2021

Controversial Citizenship Law: Indian streets pose civil war threats


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Controversial Citizenship Law: Indian police fired tear gas and used an electric stick to disperse thousands of protesters, who were setting fire to vehicles in New Delhi, on Sunday, while protests against the new citizenship law continued for the sixth consecutive day across the country.

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi says the Controversial Citizenship Law will protect religious minorities such as Hindus and Christians from prosecution in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan and open a way for them to obtain Indian citizenship, but critics of the law say it has not included Muslims, which undermines the secular foundations of India.

“Death toll has risen to 6 during protests against controversial Citizenship Law”

Protesters, including residents and students of a university, set fire to a number of buses, cars and two motorcycles in southern Delhi on Sunday, and a Reuters witness said the police used electric sticks and tear gas to disperse the protesters.

India protests against controversial Citizenship Law

Injured protester

Bus of fire

Police fire tear gas

Protesters in India

Fire engulfs a bus

Side of the India protests

Elements of the Indian police

Security forces in India

On Sunday, The death toll from the violence in Assam state, northeast India, has risen to 6 during protests against legislation granting citizenship to non-Muslims who have migrated from neighboring countries.

Senior journalist and a global opinion writer Rana Ayyub posted terrifying video on the twitter account shows the brutality of Indian forces against the unarmed protesters.

Video sent by the students from Indian university shows the para military forces strait bullets on the peaceful students demonstration.

The director at The Wilson Center for the South Asia program Michael Kugelman said “Some very disturbing images are coming out of India. The India government appears to have badly underestimated the Citizenship Law impact.

Local media reported that 27 people were wounded by gunfire during the demonstrations that broke out since last Wednesday, while the Indian authorities imposed a curfew in several areas of Assam state, and deployed the armed forces in the streets to reinforce the police order in the areas that witnessed the protests against controversial Citizenship Law.

United States, UK have warned the citizens to avoid travelling to the country.

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